A little piece of Italy in Almonte

My husband and I stumbled onto Cafe Postino, on Mill St. in Almonte, completely by accident; we were out pretty late one night and completely starving, but had resigned ourselves to being hungry. Then we passed by Cafe Postino, its lights glowing softly so that from the outside looking in, it looked almost magical.


At first glance it didn’t look like the building, which it turns out was the old Almonte post office, was actually a restaurant, but when I caught sight of the menu by the door we stopped to see if we could grab a bite, and we weren’t disappointed! Even though it was fairly late (after 9 p.m. on a weeknight), the staff didn’t hesitate to invite us inside, and promised we would be able to eat so long as we placed our order soon.


Inside, the atmosphere was warm, charming and tasteful, and the menu was full of so many delectable choices it was a tough few minutes while we hastened to place our order.  There was a table of four next to us, and their quiet murmuring, along with the gentle clinking of dishes from the kitchen, and the delectable scents wafting from the kitchen, it truly felt like we had stumbled onto a tiny piece of Italy.  A glass of red wine, some pasta and chicken Scalloppine Alla Marsala later, and we were stuffed, warm, and happy.


I was able to find a variety of choices that were gluten-free on the menu, and they even had gluten-free pasta available if I wanted to make a substitution.  All in all, a lucky find and somewhere we’ll definitely be returning in the future.  Almonte never fails to surprise me with the variety of restaurants and quaint shops, I love to stroll down the picturesque main street and discover new hidden gems like Cafe Postino.


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