Hidden gem: Ginger Cafe

I love discovering hidden gems in my own community – places I may have driven past time and time again and never noticed! The Ginger Cafe in Carleton Place is one of those hidden gems that I recently stumbled across, and a new renovation and expansion has turned this quaint cafe into a healthy dining hot spot you won’t want to miss exploring.

I should clarify that Ginger Cafe is a gluten-free and vegan haven – and while I’m not vegetarian or vegan, I have to admit that at times gluten-free and meat-free tend to go together.

After a recent renovation and expansion, the interior of the cafe is so warm and inviting I was blown away, and when I checked out the new menu I couldn’t believe the number of gluten free options!  The cafe has two distinct areas; the front area near the cash and buffet bar is casual and comfortable,with tables lined up in front of a bench covered in comfortable throw pillows – and not just any throw pillows either! These over sized pillows are covered in a quilt/patchwork like pillow-cover that gives the area a hipster-ish feel that I was totally into.

The back of the restaurant is more typical of a cafe style, with tables arranged throughout the room, but a fireplace graces one wall, along with some comfortable leather chairs where I can just picture settling in for a cup of tea or hot chocolate (sorry, not a coffee drinker!) on a cold winter’s day.


The cafe has a buffet-style bar near the cash and features a variety of options, like a coffee bar, fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, soup and sandwiches, and of course, the vegetarian buffet. And so many gluten-free choices I was in heaven – should I have the carrot-beet slaw salad or the curried carrot soup or a gluten free wrap?

In a world where if you’re gluten-free you have only one or two choices, when there are so many options I have trouble deciding.  Fortunately, dessert wasn’t an issue. The gluten-free raspberry pie was a natural choice, and it was good enough to already have me planning my next visit!



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