Small-town charm with an exotic (and gluten free!) twist at East Meets West

Step into East Meets West and experience the comfort of small town charm with an exotic twist!

Who would have thought that Indian food would be naturally gluten free?  As a Celiac I’d always stayed away from anything other than bland North American food like meat, potatoes (not french fries unless they used a separate fryer, of course) and salads, but then I happened to visit Chuckles Jack in Smiths Falls.

My first few visits I’d only ordered a salad, which was par for the course for me in restaurants. Then I met the Chef, Ram Mogandas, who specialized in authentic Indian cuisine and not only knew what gluten was, but told me that most traditional Indian food doesn’t use gluten!

This opened a new world to flavours I hadn’t tasted in years – unless they were used in dishes in my own home.  Spices like curry and marsala garam ruined other, blander dishes for me forever, and made routine visits to Chuckles Jack, and its sister restaurant, East Meets West, in Perth, a necessity.

Located in a heritage stone building in downtown Perth, East Meets West offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere for lunch or dinner, and is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat during a shopping trip or tour of the town. Stop by for some delicious gluten or gluten-free options and ask which menu items can be altered to accommodate other diet sensitivities or preferences.

Often called “the best kept secret in town,” Chuckles Jack and East Meets West are hidden gastronomical gems.  Drop by the restaurant in Smiths Falls or Perth and see what reviewers have been raving about!







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