The Foolish Chicken: an awesome find for gluten free food in Ottawa

Don’t walk – run! – to the Foolish Chicken, in Ottawa, and prepare to be impressed with some totally delicious and unique culinary gluten free creations.  

If it’s been years since you had french fries from anywhere other than McDonald’s, and possibly even longer since you had chicken wings, you have to visit the Foolish Chicken, on Holland Avenue in Ottawa.  Despite an unconventional name that totally doesn’t do justice to the food, the Foolish Chicken is one of those rare finds that you immediately debate either telling people about and possibly ruining, or telling everyone you know because you want everyone to know how awesome it is.

I found the Foolish Chicken when doing an online search for gluten free food in Ottawa, and although my first instinct was to pass it by because I wasn’t caught by the name, the reviews were all excellent and I decided to give it a go. To begin with, the interior is super cute, and clean and there’s a beautiful street-front window that you can sit at that opens in the summer to enhance the experience.

Both times I’ve been there I’ve been served by one of the owners, and service has been prompt. They not only know what gluten free is at the Foolish Chicken, but they understand cross contamination, and they offer a wide variety of gluten free items, some of which I haven’t eaten in a restaurant setting for nearly 20 years (chicken wings).

I’ve ordered chicken wings, fries, and soup during my visits, but there’s a number of other gluten free options that sound delicious. Although their menu doesn’t specifically note the gluten free options, this is because there are so many that are gluten free it would be ridiculous to put a little notation beside each of them! Having spent years making the tough choice between two, or possibly three, gluten free items in restaurants, there are actually so many items that I can eat here that I find it difficult to place my order!

It’s also a testament to the quality of the food (or how hungry I am) that I don’t have any pictures of my actual meals , mostly because I ate them so fast there was no time for photos. But I did slow down enough to catch a shot of a chocolate torte I had there that was absolutely delicious, and one of three (yes, three!) desserts I could have selected (I changed my order three times).

If you have Celiac disease, or are choosing to eat gluten free and are serious about cross contamination, you have to try the Foolish Chicken! If you’ve already been, let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear about other experiences!



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