Three reasons why small town fairs are the best

The Perth Fair is coming to Lanark County this weekend and it’s always been a favourite of mine since I first covered it for the local paper.  No matter how many times I go it never gets old! Here’s three reasons why small town fairs (like the Perth fair) are the best way to spend your long weekend:

  1. There’s something for everyone:  Looking for a lawn tractor race? Teddy bear contest? Tractor pull? Equestrian show? 4-H competition? Midway rides and games? Small town fairs will give you the best sampling of activities and shows that will keep the whole family entertained.  Don’t forget to visit the agricultural tent, in past years at the Perth fair visitors were able to actually watch a beehive in action!Fair2.JPG
  2. The cost is reasonable: Admission for children is typically quite low at a local fair, which makes taking the family out for a day of clean, local fun that much more attractive.  Many of the activities at smaller fairs are free, but be sure to bring a few extra dollars for a lemonade from the big lemon (always a hit) and some cotton candy!
  3. You never have to wonder where your kids are: If you’re going to the fair in your hometown, and your kids are old enough to technically be off on their own but you’re still a little nervous, you can relax.  You will literally never have to wonder where your kids are, you will receive regular updates from friends and acquaintances at the fair that they just saw so-and-so going on a ride, or waiting in line, and if you happen to actually misplace one of your children, expressing your concern to a couple of people will soon have the whole fairgrounds turned upside down as everyone searches for your little one.  Sometimes a small town can make the best babysitters (you can also translate this to mean your children will never get away with doing something you don’t want them to do, someone will always be watching).

For your next trip to the fair, make it a whole day event and while you’re in town take in a little shopping or stop in a local eatery for something a little different for dinner. You can check out the calendar of events for the Perth fair by clicking here:



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