Another Lanark County hidden gem: FIELDHOUSE Restaurant

You could walk right past FIELDHOUSE in Perth and might not even see it – other than a wooden patio out front, it has an unassuming appearance, but is a popular favourite with locals and visitors to Perth. FIELDHOUSE specializes in lunches with menu items like sandwiches, salads, handmade croissants and more, all served in a comfortable dining area that makes you want to set up shop for the afternoon with a cup of tea and your laptop or a book.

Rather than offering regular sandwiches, the FIELDHOUSE menu choices are unique to say the least – chicken and brie sandwiches, kale slaw, fish sandwich with carmelized onions, roasted squash sandwich….they all sound delicious and like something you’re not going to find anywhere else.

On my first visit there I chose the noodle bowl salad served with rice noodles, greens, and a peanut dressing. I added chicken on the side, and it was delicious! While they don’t offer gluten free sandwiches, there are a few menu items that are available for Celiacs, and they seemed happy to make substitutions as needed.

IMG_20160830_124923.jpgYou can sit either inside or if the day is nice, a table outside would be a good spot for people-watching in Perth. Located right in the downtown shopping district, there’s quite a lot of traffic in front of the restaurant, and ample opportunity to pass the time watching traffic and pedestrians.

For my visit, I had two options for dessert, and I chose them both: a chocolate coconut cookie, which was delicious, and a Diablo cookie, which is kind of a spicy chocolate cookie, both gluten free, of course.  They also had gluten free bread loaves available for sale (although not available to use with a sandwich in the restaurant, unfortunately).

And then there’s the best part of FIELDHOUSE  – they are also licensed, making it quite possibly my favourite place to have a quick bite (and drink) for lunch in Perth!









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