Meat, meat, and more (gluten-free) meat from Carnivore Club!

As a celiac I’ve pretty much gotten used to not being able to enjoy the things everyone else enjoys, you know, like food. Eating out. Fast food. Buffets.

When I see advertisement for food clubs like Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate, I’m a little bummed because I would love to try one but they don’t really cater to food sensitivities (I know, I was sad to hear this).

So while I’d love to have menus planned for me in advance and delivered straight to my door, I don’t want to pay for food the chances are good I won’t be able to eat.

Between the six people in my family  here are the allergies we have:

  • gluten (celiac disease)
  • egg
  • chicken
  • corn
  • red wine
  • MSG
  • chocolate
  • fresh fruits and vegetables (yes, that’s a thing apparently, it’s called an oral allergy but if you have it you can eat lightly sauteed or cooked vegetables, and fruits that are cooked)

Now that’s between six people, so it can often be worked around depending on who’s going to be home for what meal. When I plan a meal we often eat the same items over and over again because there’s very few our whole family can enjoy together. When we find something new we’re excited for some variety! Needless to say meal planning is a bit of a downer for me, so we end up eating the same things A LOT.

You’ll notice one thing that’s missing from this list – meat (other than chicken). So, mainly because we can, we tend to eat a lot of meat – sausages (gluten-free, of course), steak, or pork. We love meat!

I ordered a one-month subscription to the Carnivore Club to see what it was like, and while I knew that depending on the source of the meat there could be gluten in a few products, it’s pretty rare for me to find gluten in cured meats and I was willing to play the odds.

Our box arrived right on schedule, with tracking information giving us regular updates about its arrival (your box has been shipped! your box is en route! your box will arrive tomorrow!)


I was pretty excited to get that first box! And I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was A LOT of meat in our box. We eat charcuterie on a regular basis and even still we were like wow, that’s a lot of meat! There were a few meats we hadn’t tried before, and some we had (chorizo was a popular product in our box).

Our products were from a producer in Spain, were delicious, and everything was gluten free!

We tried something called Iberian ham cream, which looked disgusting, but was actually not bad, definitely an acquired taste.

Iberian ham cream. Not my cup of tea but my husband liked it.
I had no idea when I ordered the box if the products would be gluten free, but they were! I could eat everything in our box, and they were certified gluten free!

As it turned out, our box had been mispacked and there was a substitution for one of the products listed on the flyer inside. I sent off an email to Carnivore Club and within a few days we had received the replacement product in the mail. Carnivore Club was fast and courteous about the mix-up. I’d ordered a box for my son, and he had the same error and they shipped him the new product, too!

So would I order from Carnivore Club again? I loved getting meat delivered right to my door, I loved being able to try products from another country, cured in their traditional style, and I loved the surprise element about what we’d find inside.

A box cost $55 and while we got a lot of meat I think I would consider Carnivore Club for gifts for family and friends, but I’m probably not going to sign up for a year-long subscription. For a rare treat it’s awesome, and if I was rich, well…sign me up! But for now it’s a luxury I can’t afford on a regular basis, sadly.

Would I recommend it? Yes! Would I love to have it again? Yes!



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