Almonte’s new food tour is going to knock your socks off

There’s a number of food tours out there these days, all promising a one-of-a-kind experience (and a full belly!) but The Good Food Tour is one that can deliver on both promises! This Almonte-based tour is brand-spanking-new, and takes food tours up to the next level, with a behind the scenes peek at food manufacturers who all just happen to be located in the scenic town of Almonte (not a coincidence I’m sure).

On Fridays, The Good Food Tour takes you for personalized tours of Crooked Mile Brewing, Healthy Food Technologies, Equator Coffee Roasters and the award-winning Hummingbird Chocolate Maker. Then you head to downtown Almonte where you can really get your hunger slaked with samples from local eateries offering everything from ethnic food to delicious cheeses!

On Saturdays and Sundays you skip the manufacturing end of the tour and head straight for the goodies downtown!

Three hours later and you’ll have heard enough about Almonte’s history, notable figures and escapades to make you an expert on all things Almonte. Cap off the day with some shopping, or sit and enjoy the waterfront scenery in downtown Almonte.

Not all of the items on this tour are gluten free, but the important things are (like the chocolate!). At The Mill Street Crepe Company, the chef was kind enough to prepare a gluten free crepe just for me! I’ve never had croque monsieur before, but it was delicious!

This fabulous tour is going to be uber-popular, so get your tickets soon or you may have to wait until next year!


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