Bambü: Gluten-free Asian food in Ottawa!

I am always on the hunt for gluten-free Asian food, and I’m so happy I took a chance on Bambü! This upscale Ottawa restaurant is located near the Ottawa Airport, just off of Hunt Club Road and while I’d driven by a few times, I had no idea what a selection of gluten-free options they had available or I’d have made it a point to eat there a year ago.

My husband and I stopped in for a quick bite to eat, where I figured I’d be eating salad or rice, but we ended up staying for almost two hours! These people really know their gluten-free food, what a treat it was to not have to worry about what I was eating.

Bambü offers a unique menu focused on Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. You can order a la carte or you can choose their all-you-can-eat menu (only available for a minimum of two people at a table) where dishes are delivered to your table as opposed to a buffet-style dining. They also have a gluten-free menu right on their website.

They don’t normally offer the all-you-can-eat menu for gluten-free diners because you are somewhat limited in what you can order. Even with the limitations I had more than enough to choose from off the menu, and was stuffed by the end of the meal (a rarity, I have a big appetite).

This is the menu for the all-you-can-eat. The waitress helpfully marked the items that could be prepared gluten-free.

Even better, they brought me my very own bottle of gluten-free soy sauce to use as I liked with my meal! I usually use a gluten-free tamari sauce but this soy sauce tasted just like the soy sauce I remember from before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease! I wish I could find it elsewhere.

I’m not a big sushi fan, which is unfortunate because almost all of the sushi is gluten-free, but I was still able to try the Coconut Curry Chicken, Kulu Pork, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and the Edamame. They even had a gluten-free desert that was decadent and tasty.

The atmosphere was comfortable, classy and tasteful. And the cocktails weren’t bad either. 🙂

Everything was delicious and my husband ordered tons of other gluten-laden dishes from the all-you-can-eat menu, and by the end he was full too. Well worth the $29.95 per person, and our bill ended up being far less than we would normally spend in an up-scale restaurant – and we walked away stuffed.

Other than Riz in Toronto this is the first place I’ve found in the Ottawa area offering gluten-free Asian food. You can read my post about Riz here. I would totally recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Ottawa area looking for gluten-free Asian food without the stress of worrying about contamination. This one is Celiac approved!




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